No Dirty Brush Cleansing Soap

No Dirty Brush Cleansing Soap


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Why We Love the Product: 2-in-1 Soap and Washboard for makeup brushes.

Compatible For: Perfect for all skin types

Why We Love the Brand: A'PIEU products are compatible with sensitive skin. The brand offers a wide range of trendy, affordable, and non-irritating skincare and cosmetics to keep the skin youthful and energized.

Brush Cleansing Exclusive Washboard

Wet the brush to be cleaned with running water.
Lightly rub the wet brush with soap.
Gently rub the soaked brush on the washboard and clean it.
Rinse and dry the brush to make it a clean brush.


{ "Product": { "productName": "Apieu No Dirty Brush Cleansing Soap 47g", "productCode": "COAP0001", "arcProdID": "001" }, "safetyBreakdown": { "low": "80", "moderate": "16", "high": "2", "unknown": "2" }, "ingredientList": [ { "ingredientName": "Soap Base", "note": "soap" }, { "ingredientName": "Olea Europaea Olive", "note": "olive" }, { "ingredientName": "Aloe Barbadensis Aloe Vera Gel", "note": "Skin Conditioning" }, { "ingredientName": "Glycerin", "note": "Denaturant,Fragrance,Hair Conditioning,Humectant,Skin Protecting,Viscosity Decreasing Agent,Perfuming,Solvent, Good for Dry Skin" }, { "ingredientName": "Fragrance", "note": "Masking,Perfuming,Deodorant" }, { "ingredientName": "Linalool", "note": "Masking,Fragrance,Deodorant" } ], "Recommended": [ "SFAP0001", "SFAP0002", "SFCO0009", "SFNE0029", "SFSO0033" ] }

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