Babyface BB Cream

Babyface BB Cream

It's Skin

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Why We Love the Product: Dermatology-tested BB cream that gives you a perfect covering, blemish-free, make-up finish, while keeping your skin clean and moisturized.

Compatible For: All skin types

Why We Love the Brand: It's Skin products are Dermatology-tested, made from state of the art technology and formulated with natural ingredients. All products are well-tested to ensure maximum safety and quality.

This incredibly adorable Babyface BB Cream makes your skin look smooth, supple, and flawless! Naturally covers skin blemishes and evens out skin tone with a smooth and flawless finish. Easily achieve that fresh and dewy look

Apply a generous amount with fingers or a foundation puff


{ "Product": { "productName": "It's Skin Babyface BB Cream #01 moisture", "productCode": "COIT0007", "arcProdID": "008" }, "safetyBreakdown": { "low": "82", "moderate": "0", "high": "0", "unknown": "25" }, "ingredientList": [ { "ingredientName": "Glycereth-26", "note": "Humectant,Viscosity Decreasing Agent,Solvent,Viscosity Controlling" }, { "ingredientName": "Glyceryl Stearate SE Emulsifying,Surfactant", "note": "Fungal Acne Trigger, Comedogenic Rating 3" }, { "ingredientName": "Arbutin Antioxidant,Skin Conditioning", "note": "Brightening, Good for Dry Skin" }, { "ingredientName": "Snail Secretion Filtrate", "note": "Anti-Aging, Skin Conditioning" }, { "ingredientName": "Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer", "note": "Viscosity Controlling" }, { "ingredientName": "Disodium EDTA", "note": "Viscosity Controlling" }, { "ingredientName": "Methicone", "note": "Surface Modifier, Antistatic Agent, Skin Conditioning" }, { "ingredientName": "Cetearyl Alcohol", "note": "Comedogenic Rating 2 where 5 is the highest" }, { "ingredientName": "Tricholoma Matsutake Extract", "note": "Skin Conditioning" }, { "ingredientName": "Adenosine", "note": "Skin Conditioning, Anti-Aging" }, { "ingredientName": "Ethylhexyl Stearate", "note": "Skin Conditioning" }, { "ingredientName": "Inulin Lauryl Carbamate", "note": "surfactant reduce surface tension" }, { "ingredientName": "Water", "note": "Solvent" }, { "ingredientName": "Butylene Glycol", "note": "Fragrance, Skin Conditioning, Solvent, Masking, Good for Dry Skin" }, { "ingredientName": "Glycerin", "note": "Denaturant, Fragrance, Hair Conditioning, Humectant, Skin Protecting, Viscosity Decreasing Agent, Perfuming, Solvent, Good for Dry Skin" }, { "ingredientName": "Trideceth-6", "note": "surfactant reduce surface tension" }, { "ingredientName": "Polymethyl Methacrylate", "note": "Film Forming" }, { "ingredientName": "Synthetic Fluorphlogopite", "note": "Bulking Agent,Viscosity Increasing Agent,Viscosity Controlling" }, { "ingredientName": "Cyclomethicone", "note": "Antistatic Agent,Emollient,Hair Conditioning,Humectant,Solvent,Viscosity Controlling" }, { "ingredientName": "Chlorphenesin", "note": "Cosmetic Biocide,Antimicrobial,Preservative" }, { "ingredientName": "Iron Oxides", "note": "Colorant,Cosmetic Colorant" }, { "ingredientName": "Cyclopentasiloxane", "note": "Hair Conditioning,Skin Conditioning,Emollient,Solvent" }, { "ingredientName": "Sodium Polyacrylate", "note": "Absorbent,Emulsion Stabilising,Film Forming,Hair Fixing,Skin-Conditioning Agent -Emollient,Viscosity Controlling Agent,Viscosity Increasing Agent,Binding,Skin Conditioning" }, { "ingredientName": "Polysorbate 60", "note": "surfactant reduce surface tension" }, { "ingredientName": "PEG-10 Dimethicone", "note": "Hair Conditioning,Skin Conditioning" }, { "ingredientName": "Phenoxyethanol", "note": "Fragrance,Preservative" }, { "ingredientName": "Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate", "note": "Uv Absorber,Uv Filter, UV Protection" }, { "ingredientName": "Fragrance", "note": "Deodorant,Masking,Perfuming" }, { "ingredientName": "Silica", "note": "Abrasive,Absorbent,Anticaking Agent,Bulking Agent,Opacifying,Viscosity Controlling" }, { "ingredientName": "Bis-Ethylhexyloxyphenol Methoxyphenyl Triazine", "note": "Skin Conditioning,Uv Absorber,Uv Filter, UV Protection" }, { "ingredientName": "sh-Oligopeptide-1", "note": "Grifola Frondosa Maitake Mycelium Ferment Filtrate Extract" }, { "ingredientName": "Titanium Dioxide", "note": "Cosmetic Colorant,Opacifying,Sunscreen Agent,Uv Absorber,UV Protection, Good for Sensitive Skin" } ], "Recommended": [ "SFKL0017", "SFLA0020", "SFSO0033", "COMI0008", "CONA0009" ] }

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