Easy Touch Liquid Eyeliner

Easy Touch Liquid Eyeliner


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Why We Love the Product: Hypo-Allergenic and Waterproof eyeliner! Keeps your eyes free from skin irritation and leaves your eye make-up smudge-proof.

Compatible For: All skin types

Why We Love the Brand: World Leading brand from Korea. Tony Moly uses high-quality ingredients and offers well loved skincare and cosmetic products with unique style and proven product quality.

1. Neat eye makeup without smearing
2. This is a waterproof type that is not easily removed by sweat and sebum and moisture in everyday life by forming a flexible and water resistant film
3. Quick Dry Drawing
4. It is the thin, smooth texture that the powder is applied without clumping, so even beginners can easily create a natural eye line
5. Moisturizes and nourishes around the eyes that can dry out
6. Panthenol, hyaluronic acid, nutri bean complex (black bean, sesame, black yam) keep the dry skin around your eyes moisturized
7. Low-irritant EASY cleansing
8. It is easily cleansed even in lukewarm water by applying a special formula for easy cleansing


1. Adjust the contents of the brush, and draw the line as if filling the mucous membrane between the eyelashes.
2. The more you fill the lower and upper mucous membranes, the more deeply your eyes will be expressed.
3. Be sure to close the cap after use.

{ "Product": { "productName": "Tonymoly Easy Touch Liquid Eyeliner 01 - Black", "productCode": "COTO0010", "arcProdID": "011" }, "safetyBreakdown": { "low": "83", "moderate": "13", "high": "4", "unknown": "0" }, "ingredientList": [ { "ingredientName": "Water", "note": "Solvent" }, { "ingredientName": "Acrylates Copolymer", "note": "Antistatic Agent,Binding Agent,Binding,Film Forming,Hair Fixing,Adhesive,Suspending Agent -Nonsurfactant" }, { "ingredientName": "Iron Oxides", "note": "Colorant,Cosmetic Colorant" }, { "ingredientName": "Caprylic/Capric Glycerides", "note": "Skin Conditioning,Emollient,Emulsifying" }, { "ingredientName": "Laureth-25", "note": "Surfactant,Emulsifying,Cleansing" }, { "ingredientName": "Butylene Glycol", "note": "Solvent,Skin Conditioning,Masking,Fragrance,Humectant,Viscosity Controlling,Viscositydecreasing Agent, Good for Dry Skin" }, { "ingredientName": "Polyvinyl Alcohol", "note": "Viscosity Controlling,Viscosity Increasing Agent,Binding Agent,Film Forming" }, { "ingredientName": "Phenoxyethanol", "note": "Fragrance,Preservative" }, { "ingredientName": "Alcohol", "note": "Solvent,Masking,Viscosity Controlling,Antifoaming Agent,Antimicrobial,Astringent" }, { "ingredientName": "Silica", "note": "Viscosity Controlling,Abrasive,Absorbent,Bulking Agent,Opacifying,Anticaking Agent" }, { "ingredientName": "Xanthan Gum", "note": "Skin Conditioning,Viscosity Controlling,Viscosity Increasing Agent,Emulsion Stabilising,Binding Agent,Binding,Surfactant -Emulsifying Agent,Gel Forming" }, { "ingredientName": "Dimethicone", "note": "Skin Conditioning,Emollient,Antifoaming Agent,Skin Protecting" }, { "ingredientName": "Bentonite", "note": "Viscosity Controlling,Viscosity Increasing Agent,Emulsion Stabilising,Absorbent,Bulking Agent,Opacifying,Suspending Agent -Nonsurfactant" }, { "ingredientName": "1,2-Hexanediol", "note": "Solvent" }, { "ingredientName": "Caprylyl Glycol", "note": "Skin Conditioning,Emollient,Humectant,Hair Conditioning" }, { "ingredientName": "Methylparaben", "note": "Fragrance,Preservative" }, { "ingredientName": "Propylparaben", "note": "Perfuming,Fragrance,Preservative" }, { "ingredientName": "Disodium EDTA", "note": "Viscosity Controlling,Chelating Agent" }, { "ingredientName": "Triethanolamine", "note": "Masking,Surfactant,Fragrance,Emulsifying,Ph Adjuster,Buffering Agent" }, { "ingredientName": "Sodium Hyaluronate", "note": "Skin Conditioning,Humectant, Promotes Wound Healing, Good for Dry Skin" }, { "ingredientName": "Sesamum Indicum Sesame Seed Extract", "note": "Extract" }, { "ingredientName": "Glycine Max Soybean Seed Extract", "note": "Anti-Aging, Good for Dry Skin" }, { "ingredientName": "Oryza Sativa Rice Extract", "note": "Skin Conditioning,Emollient,Hair Conditioning" } ], "Recommended": [ "SFTO0034", "SBTO0045", "SFSO0033", "COET0002", "COET0003" ] }

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