Dr Gerry's Coco Nectar 200ml

Dr Gerry's Coco Nectar 200ml

Dr Gerry's

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Why We Love the Product: All natural superfood with vitamins, minerals and multiple health benefits.

Why We Love the Brand: The brand maintains high quality products made with organic, pure coconut honey packed with vitamins and minerals to keep everyone healthy.

Dr. Gerry's Coco Nectar has all Natural Essential Amino Acids, Vitamins, Minerals, Growth Hormones and other substances vitally needed by the human body for Cell Repair and Regeneration. Amino Acids serve as “ammunition” of its Life-Support and Defense System for combating degenerative substances that cause electro-chemical imbalance leading to many diseases.

The well-known superfood coco nectar from the coconut flower is an all-natural medifood supplement that has the following benefits:

• Helps relieve discomfort derived from Hyperacidity
• Helps soothe skin breaks and rashes
• Contains vitamins & minerals and more amino acids than animal protein, vegetables, or bee honey
• Helps promote tissue repair and regeneration
• With low glycemic index making it ideal for management of diabetics or blood sugar
• Helps strengthen immune system