Ebony Diffuser Premium
Ebony Diffuser Premium

Ebony Diffuser Premium


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EBONY has an exceptional modern and sophisticated design with smooth light wood grain material finish. With Ebony’s unique features, it can make a good centerpiece or elegant display accent in any setup. This Diffuser is powered by Ultrasonic Technology, has 7-Color changing LED Lights, Mist control system and Automatic Power Off for a guaranteed safe Diffusing Experience!

EBONY Package Inclusions:

  • Ebony Diffuser Kit 
  • Operations Manual
  • Aromatherapy  Guide
  • 10ml Pure Essential Oil: choose your scent
  • VIP Refill Card: exclusive card for discounts and freebies


EBONY Diffuser Specifications: 

  • COVERAGE AREA: Approximately 25-30 m2
  • OPERATION TIME: 8 to 10 hours maximum
  • MIST LEVEL: 40ml to 60ml per hour
  • SAFE DESIGN: Automatic power off when waterless
  • DIMENSION: 220 x 140 mm



    • Keeps essential oil 100% natural without burning or heating.
    • With 7-color changing LED 
    • Advanced ultrasonic technology with whisper-quiet sound.
    • Auto shut-off safety system feature when waterless to eliminate burn out and ensure safe diffusing.
    • Produces cool or dry fragrant mist through ultrasonic waves which helps to instantly vaporize water and essential oil for an aromatic atmosphere