Golden Flax Seeds

Golden Flax Seeds


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Why we love the product: Golden Flax Seeds can be easily included in your daily meal routine! Brings a healthy lifestyle boost with it's 100% organic ingredients and pure Flax seeds. This products is also Vegan-friendly, All natural without additives or preservatives to support your clean lifestyle.

Why we love the Brand: Urbangreens include wide array of healthy food staples! Similar with our commitment to encourage healthy lifestyle, this brand include essential Superfoods and ingredients that are healthy and vegan-friendly.


Enriched with protein, fiber, lignants, antioxidants and omega-3. It is noted that regular intake of these nutrients may help lower risk of certain illness such as cancers, heart disease and diabetes.

Flax seed is mild in flavor which makes it easily compatible into your diet. From breakfast cereals or baked goodies, these tiny seeds enriched with nutrients is a healthy boost in your daily diet.