Keto MCT Powder
Keto MCT Powder

Keto MCT Powder

Go Keto

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Why We Love the Product: A must for keto-goers and Began eaters. Makes stable body fat burning 24 hours a day. MCT also supports blood ketone levels and stabilize sugar levels.

Why We Love the Brand: Go Keto promotes health and wellness through it's Keto-friendly product line.


This MCT (Medium Chain Triolyceride) Powder Dietary Supplement is known for Keto Goers. This is usually included in smoothies, coffees and even salad dressings. It is derived from coconut oil and studies shows that MCT can help you lose weight much quicker specially if you are in Ketogenic Diet because MCT helps creates ketones and ketones increases your metabolic rate. This causes for a more stable fat burn in your body 24 hours a day.
MCT also supports blood ketone levels, helps stabilize sugar levels and improves meantl clarity. Yes this is must for Ketogenic Dieters.


  1. Mix 1 sachet with any of your favorite keto friendly low carb drink.
  2. Enjoy the benefits of boosted keto levels without the guilt.
  3. Recommended to be use for bulletproof coffee.


  • MCT Powder
  • Black Coffee
  • Grass Fed Butter
  • Stevia
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