Himalayan Pink Salt 150grams

Himalayan Pink Salt 150grams


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Why we love the product: Himalayan Pink Salt, a kitchen staple for vegans & vegan-friendly eaters as this is the healthy alternative to table salt which keeps your cooked meals healthy and less sinfully salty.

Why we love the Brand: 

Why we love the Brand: Urbangreens include wide array of healthy food staples! Similar with our commitment to encourage healthy lifestyle, this brand include essential Superfoods and ingredients that are healthy and vegan-friendly. 



Himalayan salt is known for being a healthier option to regular table salt and an excellent addition to your kitchen staples. This also can be used in detoxifying bath or foot soak which stimulates blood circulation and relieve sore muscles.

Fine grain, 100% pure, unprocessed Himalayan Pink Salt. Vegan, all natural, no additivies or preservatives.