Aloe 92% Shower Gel 250ml

Aloe 92% Shower Gel 250ml

Holika Holika

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Why We Love the Product: Moisturizing Body cleanser rich with 92% Aloe Vera extract that effectively cleanses and replenishes hydration to the skin.

Compatible For: Dry & sensitive skin; compatible to all skin types

Why We Love the Brand: Holika Holika brand uses black caviar, aloe vera, green tea and charcoal as their main ingredients to bring out skin's natural radiance. They are well-known skincare and cosmetic brand worldwide with origin roots based in Korea.

* For all skin types Containing 92% Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice It helps to sooth all your irritated skin leaving a complete refreshing.
* No parabens, mineral oil free, propylene glycol free, no BHT, non-animal raw materials, no artificial colors.
* Aloe extract give bright and healthy skin.
* Non drying after shower giving moisture glowing skin.

Apply right amount on sponge, lather bubbles and massage onto body, rinse off with lukewarm water thoroughly.

{ "Product": { "productName": "Holika Holika Aloe 92% Shower Gel 250ml", "productCode": "SBHO0004", "arcProdID": "020" }, "safetyBreakdown": { "low": "90", "moderate": "0", "high": "0", "unknown": "10" }, "ingredientList": [ { "ingredientName": "Bambusa Vulgaris Extract", "note": "Skin Conditioning" }, { "ingredientName": "Centella Asiatica Extract", "note": "Cleansing,Skin Conditioning,Smoothing,Soothing,Tonic, Promotes Wound Healing" }, { "ingredientName": "Cucumis Sativus Cucumber Fruit Extract", "note": "Skin Conditioning,Emollient, Good for Dry Skin" }, { "ingredientName": "Sodium Chloride", "note": "Bulking Agent,Masking,Viscosity Controlling" }, { "ingredientName": "Citrullus Lanatus Watermelon Fruit Extract", "note": "Extract" }, { "ingredientName": "Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate", "note": "Cleansing,Foaming,Surfactant" }, { "ingredientName": "Brassica Oleracea Capitata Cabbage Leaf Extract", "note": "Skin Conditioning" }, { "ingredientName": "Nelumbium Speciosum Flower Extract", "note": "Skin Conditioning" }, { "ingredientName": "Water", "note": "Solvent" }, { "ingredientName": "Butylene Glycol", "note": "Fragrance,Skin Conditioning,Solvent,Viscositydecreasing Agent,Humectant,Masking,Viscosity Controlling, Good for Dry Skin" }, { "ingredientName": "Cocamidopropyl Betaine", "note": "Antistatic Agent,Hair Conditioning,Skin Conditioning,Sufactant,Foam Boosting,Viscosity Increasing Agent,Viscosity Controlling" }, { "ingredientName": "Phenoxyethanol", "note": "Fragrance,Preservative" }, { "ingredientName": "Fragrance", "note": "Deodorant,Masking,Perfuming" }, { "ingredientName": "Ammonium Laureth Sulfate", "note": "Cleansing,Foaming,Surfactant" }, { "ingredientName": "Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice", "note": "Skin Conditioning, Good for Sensitive Skin" }, { "ingredientName": "Zea Mays Corn Leaf Extract", "note": "Extract" } ], "Recommended": [ "SFHO0016", "SFSO0033", "SFNE0029", "SBDE0002", "SFMA0023" ] }

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