Rose Absolute First Serum

Rose Absolute First Serum


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Why We Love the Product: Natural serum essence highly enriched essence and contains organic extracts and Bulgarian damask rose oil that is good to provide vitality to the skin. Well-known in Korea to have Brightening & Anti-wrinkle effects.

Compatible For: Perfect for all skin types

Why We Love the Brand: Aromatica is a well-known organic brand in Korea. Their formulation includes natural and vegan-friendly ingredients as they carry out their mission to take care of their customers and the planet.

Aromatica; Rose Absolute First Serum is a highly developed essence that contains Bulgarian damask rose oil as well organic herb extracts that are going to provide a vitality to the skin. This serum will helps to protect skin with anti-oxidants, reduce the fine lines, and wrinkle. It’s going to leaves your skin balanced, radiant, brightened, and revitalized. It’s more ideal for dry skin since it’s going to help improving moisture level and skin tone.

Apply it after you cleans your face. It can be used both day and night.


{ "Product": { "productName": "Aromatica Rose Absolute First Serum 20ml", "productCode": "SFAR0003", "arcProdID": "024" }, "safetyBreakdown": { "low": "96", "moderate": "0", "high": "0", "unknown": "4" }, "ingredientList": [ { "ingredientName": "Glyceryl Caprylate", "note": "Skin Conditioning, Surfactant reduce surface tension" }, { "ingredientName": "Veronica Officinalis Extract", "note": "Skin Conditioning" }, { "ingredientName": "Niacinamide", "note": "Hair Conditioning,Skin Conditioning,Smoothing, Brightening" }, { "ingredientName": "Rosa Damascena Flower Oil", "note": "Masking,Skin Conditioning" }, { "ingredientName": "Melissa Officinalis Leaf Extract", "note": "Skin Conditioning" } ], "Recommended": [ "SBAR0001", "SFAR0004", "SFSO0033", "SFCO0011", "SFBE0008" ] }

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