Nano mask for Kids

Nanomask for Kids


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Why We Love the Product: Made with the latest Nanofiber technology. Hypoallergenic and specially designed to keep kids protected and comfortable.

Why We Love the Brand: From the same manufacturer of the famous Airqueen Nanomask. The Brand is first to launch the Nano mask technology in Korea that is FDA approved. Gained a lot of following in the worldwide market due to it's product quality and unique filtration technology. 

Light, breezy, made specially for kids. Airbon Nanomask Kids use Nano Membrane Filter for our children to breath easily and safely.

  1. Nose strip for stability, soft fabric and ear bands for comfort.
  2. Certified Safe by Government institutions in South Korea.
  3. Nano Filter enables Top Quality and Maximum comfort for everyday wear.
  4. Nano membrane material is moisture-resistant, durable and reusable up to five times.
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